12 places in the world that I’d like to visit

1. New York

Who dosen’t want to visit New York? I want to go there to try out their bagels, hotdogs and frozen yogurt and also to see Chinatown, Little Italy, the Empire state building and it’s public library.

3. Australia’s Gold Coast

Exploring reefs, swimming with dolphins and extremely hot temperatures is my view of Australia’s Gold Coast. I’m a big lover of all things ocean, warm breeze and dolphins, so I hope this’ll be checked off my list soon!

4.Mesa, Arizona

The home of my two all time favourite skaters and their home skatepark. Mesa hosts Kids That Rip skatepark, which is, in my opinion, one of the best kids-only parks in the world. This was, and still is, the training ground of Jagger Eaton and Alana Smith.

5.Rio De Janeiro

Culture. Rio is famous for it, whether it be food, traditional dress or certain rituals, I want to explore it. Also, Brazil has some pretty sick waves, people and beaches.

6. Mount Fuji, Japan

(in little kid’s voice) It’s beautiful!

7. Colorado, USA

I’ve always loved the idea of snowboarding and skiing in the Rockies. That’s probably the only reason Colorado is on this list.

8. Paris

I love all things French, and although I’ve visited France 3 times, I still haven’t been to Paris. Apparently they do pretty good croissants too.

9. Santorini, Greece

See number 6.

11. Huntington, California

When I’m in Hollister, I always see live views of Huntington beach on screens around the shop. It is also Where girl’s surfing was raised.

Why I want to be a skater

Skateboarding. To many people skateboarding is a sport for guys, because let’s face it; your gonna get hurt. But over the past few decades women’s skateboarding has started to rise up the ranks. Led by inspiring women such as Cindy Whitehead of Girl is Not A Four Letter Word, Mimi Knoop of Hoopla skate and  X-games skaters Leticia Bufoni and Alana Smith, Girls skateboarding is becoming more and more recognised in the action sports community.

Which leads us to me. My passion for skateboarding began around January 2014. I had received a Penny board for Christmas and had worked up the courage to have a go. It was not easy. It took me ages to even be able to stand on the thing. But after an hour of bumps, bruises and grazes I managed to skate the length of my grandparents yard.

Since then I have improved a lot. My knees, elbows and hands are also permanently purple from endlessly smashing them against pavement. Many of my friends don’t understand why I skate. But the answer is simple: it’s fun, and rewarding. I remember the first time I learned to Ollie. Me and my 2 friends spent hours in their torch lit garage, perfecting tricks and nearly killing ourselves on homemade rails and ramps. But it was amazing. Once I had got that precious ollie I felt as if I could do anything (I still can’t do a kickflip). That is what I love about skateboarding. There is always something to work toward. Even look at skating stars like Nyjah Huston or Tom Schaar. They still fall, are still learning new tricks.

Never forget that. Whatever it is your working at, always know that the big stars struggle too.


I ride the MGP Jive series board. Link below




My name is Amelia is and am 12 years old. But you’ve probably picked that up already.

I am currently sitting in my room with a bottle of Tango wondering why the heck I’m here. I am an adrenalin junkie who lives on the North Coast of Ireland, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is also filled with places where I can skate, surf, trampoline, wakeboard and do a whole manner of dangerous activities that normal people would have no interest in doing.

Thankfully, I have friends that are exactly the same as me, so I am not left doing crazy things on my own. For example, I spent my summer jumping of 45ft tall rocks, jumping in the sea fully clothed for not apparent reason, capsizing, surfing with jelly fish, kayaking in a leaky kayak and skateboarding up the middle of the road for the laugh of it. All with friends.

On the less cuckoo side of things, I also enjoy photography, art and music. Loud music.

So if you really want to, you can read my blog that sums up my hectic, but wonderful life. It tells the story of me and my passions.

And some other stuff is gonna go on here as well.